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"Workflow Management System for heterogeneous Content Management Systems"

Workflows describe business processes as the coordinated execution of simple activities (tasks) by human or automatic executors (agents). Workflow management systems (WfMS) are software systems supporting the automatic execution of workflows. Most WfMSs rely on database management systems (DBMS) where temporal aspects, which are relevant for the execution of a workflow, are managed explicitly.

Workflow Management System (WfMS) implementations traditionally follow a client/server architecture with monolithic servers (workflow engines). This poster presents a WFMS architecture based on a TP-Monitor environment which partitions the workflow engine into several resource managers (RMs) individually managed by a TP-Monitor environment. The RMs together form the workflow engine serving user requests linked to the CMS (Content Management Systems) work flow for the MAN (Multimedia Access network) used by large editorial company on the web, mobile, tv, and tradidional printing on papers.

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