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Web @ Mobile World Congress 2008 - Barcelona

The days when mobile phones were just for making and taking calls are far behind us as more and more of us are using these sleek little bundles of silicon and plastic as a key access point for information. That's why we are always working to bring our fast and comprehensive information experience to as many different mobile devices as possible.
Growth in the number of mobile users accessing social networking sites has been pronounced, according to M:Metric. And the Congress programme has a whole section dedicated to mobile society. Expect to see device manufacturers saying 'here's my button that I've dedicated to Facebook. But social networking is just one part of the whole user-generated conversation which is fast spreading onto mobiles - with blogging and photo uploading other areas that are also gaining ground as tools for uploading content improve and the mobile internet gets both faster and fatter with all the stuff noted as Web 2.0
February 11-14, 2008
Barcelona (Spain)

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Interactive Video Presentation:
Semantic Web (SW)
and Interaction Design (HCI)
for Cooperative Environment (Semantic Grid)

Semantic technologies
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