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Web 2.0 Expo Europe - Berlin

The Web2.0 Conference which recently took place in California has now come to Berlin. Visitors were encouraged to twitter, blog and broadcast in real time. Wifi was on, and MAC-equipped audience obliged. All the buzz was about socialising, communicating and new ways of sharing information.
Throughout this enthusiasm-filled environment it kept wondering about rationality of the prediction that Web2.0 will be huge. Of course, Web2.0 offers new ways of collaborating, socialising and information sharing. Usage of tags, blogs and shared workspace are interesting and quite useful, yet it requires a significant culture change amongst its community. Somehow we can felt that we already have discussion forums, Sharepoint and too much time pressure in our lives to have time available for Twitter not to mention the praised "", the website which shows nothing more but the pictures of people "unboxing" their presents. But as all things it depends on how it will be used the idea behind the Web2.0
November 6-8, 2007
Berlin (Germany)

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