Computer Science

Pragmatics of dialogue
for faceted shallow parsing
on technology syndication search

Abstract: Nowadays people tend to subscribe to a lot of feeds which content is massively varied inundating with information the feed reader. Several different feeds are hard to articulate on a discrete or organized structure. Therefore, subscribers are usually busy with all the subscribed feeds and even are distracted to the point of lost productivity. This paper aims to overcome the information overload on content syndication. The environment was defined by shallow parsing on feeds supported by a faceted semantic search. Pragmatics of dialogue is used to balance the rigidity of feed structure with the potential anarchy of the title and description on feeds. A solution to find what the user has in mind when posing a query is based on "joint meaning" understood as a joint construal between the feed creator and the reader. A prototype was built for testing on one hundred different kinds of feeds.

Keywords: Information filtering, Metadata, Semantic networks, Web text analysis, Document indexing, Internet reasoning services

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