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Faceted semantic search for
personalized social search

Abstract: Actual social networks (like Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Twitter, ... ) need to to deal with vagueness on ontological indeterminacy. In this paper is analyzed the prototyping of a faceted semantic search for personalized social search using the “joint meaning&rdquo in a community environment. Users researches in a “collaborative” environment defined by folksonomies can be supported by the most common features on the faceted semantic search.
A solution for the context-aware personalized search is based on “joint meaning” understood as a joint construal of the creators of the contents and the user of the contents using the faced taxonomy with the Semantic Web.
A proof-of concept prototype allows showing that the proposed methodological approach can also easily be applied to existing presentation components, built with different languages and/or component technologies.

Keywords: document management and retrieval; knowledge discovery; meaning; informal semantic; semantic matching; semantic search; ontology; OWL; RDF; Semantic Web

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