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RIA for Collaborative
Semantic Web Information Architecture

Abstract: In this paper is analyzed the prototyping of the information visualization on a RIA application for community purposes in a collaborative environment representing an evolution of the actual social networks like Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, Twitter...
The intent of this work is to identify the most common features of RIA for the information visualization based on the Semantic Web and discuss how they support the user's requirements in a “collaborative” environment.
A solution for the context-aware development of UI is based on “joint meaning” understood as a joint construal of the creator of the community contents and the user of the community contents thanks to the context and interface adaptation using the faced taxonomy with the Semantic Web.
A proof-of concept prototype allows showing that the proposed methodological approach can also easily be applied to existing presentation components, built with different languages and/or component technologies.

Keywords: User interface management systems, Architectures, Navigation, Information filtering, Metadata, Semantic networks, Internet reasoning services, Computer-supported cooperative work, Computer-supported collaborative work

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