Computer Science

Ontology Matching

International Semantic Web Conference ISWC-2011
October 23-27, 2011
Bonn (Germany)

Ontology Matching International Workshop

"Ontology matching is a key interoperability enabler for the Semantic Web, as well as a useful tactic in some classical data integration tasks dealing with the semantic heterogeneity problem. It takes the ontologies as input and determines as output an alignment, that is, a set of correspondences between the semantically related entities of those ontologies. These correspondences can be used for various tasks, such as ontology merging, data translation, query answering or navigation on the web of data. Thus, matching ontologies enables the knowledge and data expressed in the matched ontologies to interoperate."

The workshop aims "To bring together leaders from academia, industry and user institutions to assess how academic advances are addressing real-world requirements. The workshop will strive to improve academic awareness of industrial and final user needs, and therefore direct research towards those needs. Simultaneously, the workshop will serve to inform industry and user representatives about existing research efforts that may meet their requirements. The workshop will also investigate how the ontology matching technology is going to evolve."

» A my brief paper has been accepted for the:
Ontology Matching International Workshop; collocated with the 10th International Semantic Web Conference ISWC-2011
You can see me in Bonn (Germany)
at the Maritim convention center, room REGER,
October 24th, 2011

see My paper presented on OM-2011
see An extension of the paper on
Cornell University CORR/Arxiv

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